Brander provides structural engineering services to manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.  Our years of experience have enabled us to understand or quickly comprehend the operational requirements of the facilities we work in.  This has allowed Brander engineers to provide services that update, modify, or construct facility buildings and structures with minimal interruption to production.

Brander projects in manufacturing facilities have ranged from the rehabilitation or reconstruction of existing buildings and structures, to the construction of either additions or complete new buildings.  Successful integration of Brander services with the needs and operational constraints of the facility is dependent on the following key concepts:

  • A clear understanding of the existing or desired use of the facility
  • Accurate and comprehensive field documentation of existing conditions
  • Clear, concise, correct, and complete detailed drawings and specifications for the work
  • Open communication with the Owner and contractor
  • Quality control and quality assurance during the drawing, specification, and construction phases

Our understanding of these key concepts enables us to provide our clients with the quality services they require and the successful projects they desire.