Brander Safety Plan

Safety is Brander's No. 1 priority, and our goal is to provide a safe workplace free of hazards that may cause illness or injury. In turn, each employee accepts the responsibility of conducting their work in a safe manner at all times.

To accomplish this, Brander emphasizes:

  • Brander's Safety Program
    Brander has developed its own extensive safety program, which is updated and communicated to its employees on a regular basis.
  • Client's Safety Programs
    Brander employees understand the importance of knowing and adhering to the safety rules established by each of the companies in whose facilities our work is being performed.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Brander complies with all state and federal safety regulations, particularly OSHA.
  • ISNetworld Participation
    Brander is a Contractor Client in the ISNetworld program, which allows Owner Clients to easily review and verify our safety training and compliance records. Through ISNetworld, Owner Clients can verify our safety program compliance score (which is currently 100%), our OSHA and EMR ratings for the last 3 years, and the up-to-date status of our insurance certificates.
  • Continuing Education
    On a regular basis, Brander employees receive training in OSHA-10+, first aid, and CPR, and certification in the handling of asbestos and lead.
  • Employee Awareness
    Brander employees are constantly reminded to be attentive at all times to conditions that could pose a hazard, and to report or correct unsafe equipment or practices. If conditions are found that do not meet the standards for safety established by Brander, by the host employer, or by OSHA, employees are instructed not to continue with the work until the conditions have been corrected.

Brander has not had a single worker's compensation incident since the firm was established in 1981. The Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is an insurance industry factor used to adjust workers' compensation premiums based on an insured's past loss history, and is a measure of a company's safety performance. Our EMR of 0.0 serves as a testament to our emphasis on safety.