SQP® is a facility maintenance tracking system developed by Brander Engineering, Inc.  It is used to record and organize information about the condition of a facility as it relates to strength, stability, and durability, and to track facility maintenance activities.

The SQP® system incorporates:

  1. A Condition Survey, in which direct visual observation of the entire facility are documented.
  2. Recommendations for action to reduce the risks associated with observed deterioration or distress, with priorities for action established based on the severity of the conditions observed.
  3. Development of a maintenance program for the building, including identification of the expertise needed to carry out the activities listed.
  4. Execution of the maintenance program.
  5. Review and updating of the maintenance program.

SQP® was developed to help maintain the level of preservation of facilities and increase the effectiveness of maintenance budgeting.  SQP® can be used effectively by facility managers overseeing one building or numerous buildings at numerous sites.